World Time Zone Clocks


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Display the time in different cities across the globe. This file is very easy to edit and you can add as many cities as you want. You can also edit the dimensions and background of the file. You will receive documentation on how to edit the file step-by-step. The download contains the 2 FLA files and the documentation.

Here you have a file that display time from any country in the world. The example have 6 cities but you can add as many as you want with real ease as explained in the supplied documentation. There are 2 FLA’s, one that displays the many possible clock designs and the other all clocks the same. All the clocks are contained in 1 MovieClip so can easily be dragged into any project. All the clocks with the flags are 9.42kb

Main Features

  • World Time Display
  • Analogue and Digital Time
  • Easy to edit and add more clocks
  • Very lightweight (10kb) with flags
  • All clocks in one MovieClip
  • Slick look
  • Flag display
  • Resize to any size ( Vector )

UPDATE 2015-08-06



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