Digital Event Countdown


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This file can be used to countdown to any date by just changing the date. It counts to the millisecond and is also a very lightweight file.Everything is contained in one MovieClip so can easily be dragged into any flash project or embedded into any web page.

You can also use the file as stand alone or create a desktop widget by exporting it as a projector file. The ActionScript is well commented although only one line needs changing for a new date. Easy to follow documentation with download.

Main Features

  • Easy to edit and create your own style
  • Export as desktop widget
  • Embed into website
  • Countdown to any date up to the millisecond
  • ActionScript 2.0
  • Very Lightweight (5kb)

Countdown to any event or even multiple events. The download contains a few different designs although you can easily create your own style and dimension. You can embed this countdown clock into any website. The file contains all the documentation you need to edit the file to your requirements. You also receive the digital font used in the file.

The Download Contains:

  • Source FLA file
  • Source SWF file
  • Font Files
  • Documentation


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