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Finally a WordPress theme that does it all, with ease. We created Atom with the complete beginner in mind. Atom comes with unlimited styling and layout options which anyone will be able to use in order to create amazing websites. The 23 page options panel (with built in support for each option ) makes it easy to customise your complete website with options from the top of your website all the way through to the bottom. Change navigation styles, header layouts, custom sidebars and page templates with one click. We also separated the design options from the theme options which will allow you to customise everything from text size and colours for every single element in the theme. We are confident that you will never need another theme again after using Atom.



Although you can still drag and drop with atom we created click & create. Click to create any layout, style or element. Absolutely no coding experience required to create amazing websites. With a few clicks you can create anything imaginable.


Over 150 Shortcode Elements
You can be as creative as you want with Atom. There is an element for anything you need. We also offer a FREE element request. If there is anything you need that is not available we will create it. Creating a website has never been so easy and so much fun.

Yes, there is a Slider for that!
The theme comes with the popular slider revolution which allows you to create amazing sliders. We also crafted the amazing Atom Slider which will display images, video, text and buttons with style. We also included the Nivo slider with an Atom twist. Then there is the Employee slider, Testimonial slider, Clients slider and the awesome Showcase slider. We also included an option for you to add any custom slider shortcode. So yes, you can slide anything you need anywhere you want with Atom.

Showcase Anything
Atom includes a complete Ajax portfolio management system. Showcase your work in style with tons of options for layouts and styles. You can also display showcase elements in any section of your website or create a dedicated Ajax filterable page. There are 6 Showcase post types available with loads of customization options. Anything is possible.

Social Media
With Atom we cover both sides of the social media requirements of any website. We integrated social sharing buttons straight into the theme so no additional plugins required. We also included 80+ Social Network Icons with a link option in 3 styles which you can display anywhere you want.


Atom Custom Image Gallery
Create amazing image galleries with loads of layout and styling options. Your image gallery can be displayed as full-width or inside a container section. You also have the option to create a masonry layout and use the built in Atom Lightwindow.

Maintenance – Coming Soon
We created a complete custom page template with loads of options to display while you are creating or updating your Atom site. Choose to add social networks, email and contact information, launch date, custom message and background image or colour.


Custom Page Templates
Besides having tons of options per page we also added 7 Starter Templates for custom Search, Archives, Blog, Full-Width, Under Construction, Error 404 and Showcase specific templates allowing you even more control of your site.

Atom Full Width Parallax
Create amazing full-width parallax sections with loads of options per section with just one click.


Advanced Animations
Apply animation to any object of your website. With over 15 different animation presets you can animate anything in any direction with different effects

Built In Documentation
Not only do we supply complete step-by-step documentation with examples of each and every option available but we also created in-theme support for all options. We also have a dedicated knowledge base & video tutorials. Now you can really take advantage of all the amazing features available.


Custom Page Templates
Besides having tons of options per page we also added 7 Starter Templates for custom Search, Archives, Blog, Full-Width, Under Construction, Error 404 and Showcase specific templates allowing you even more control of your site.

Atom Full Width Parallax
Create amazing full-width parallax sections with loads of options per section with just one click.

Responsive & Retina
Yep your website will function and look amazing on all devices. Mobile, Tablet and Desktop, we have you covered. Display crisp clear graphics on HD screens.


Page / Post Options.
Each page can be styled to your exact needs. That means you can style your pages individually as you create them. Options include layout, header height, sidebar selection, loads of page title options and even custom colours can be set at page/post level.

Per Element Styling
With Atom you style each and every element you add to the page. Instead of having an options panel for all elements you can now have the same type of elements with different styles, giving you more styling options with the click of a button.

Advanced Typography Options
Each text element can be styled exactly the way you want with any font you need. You have access to the complete Google fonts library (800+) as well as custom fonts with css3 @font-face. You can also set the font-size, font-weight and color.

Atom Central Mission Control(LOOK FOR COOL NAME – DESIGN LOGO Options
The 23 Page options panel with a super slick design allows you to customise everything from navigation styles to copyright protection. Each option has got built in support explaining what the option does and how to use it.

Header Options
The Atom Header Options panel is packed with options like navigation styles, header height, layout, backgrounds, colours and much more. You can style every element of the header with just clicking a few buttons. There are over 28 header variations. You can also style these options per page.

Footer Options
There are over 20 footer variations available and the Atom Footer Options panel makes it super easy for you to setup the footer section to your exact needs. The footer is separated into three main sections, all customizable.

Unlimited Colors
You can customise the colours of every single object live with the atom live customizer. Most elements have the option of transparent colours. We also separated the color options completely from the theme options panel. This follows the web standard of structure and design.



A Layout for Anything.
With over 18 header layouts, 16+ footer layouts, unlimited page layouts and complete style control over each element you will never need another theme again for any type of website.

Unlimited Sidebars
You can now have a different sidebar for every single page of your website. Each sidebar can contain different widgets and best of all, you can use any of our elements inside the sidebar, From sliders to tabs to buttons. Anything is possible.

Full-Width and Boxed Layouts
You can set your overall website layout with one click. You can either have a complete boxed layout which will place all your content, sliders and everything else inside a 1200px width boxed layout or you have the option to go full-width on any screen. This will make your sliders go the full width of the screen.

Blog Options and Layouts
For your Blog or News page there are 8 amazing layouts. You can display your posts in any section or page of your website. You have the option for list, column or both layouts on any page. You can also display any category anywhere. You can also create multiple blogs on one website.


Atom works on all browsers
Atom includes styles for all browsers and we make sure that your site look and function great on any browser. No accessibility issues for you.

Advanced Image Compression and Adaptive Images
Custom sizes are being loaded for each element making your website much faster and way more advanced.

Fast Loading
A 97% PageSpeed score & 89% YSlow Score in the latest GTmetrix report.

No more additional plugins. We have you covered.
With 6 slider types, built in Google analytics, social sharing, team management, built-in SEO management, testimonials, pricing tables, portfolio showcase and everything in-between is completely built in to the theme, which means no additional plugins, less files to load, faster websites, better search rank.

Tested with all popular plugins and custom styles
If you do want to use any of the featured plugins be rest assured that it will work with Atom. We even created custom styles and functions for them. Check this list for a complete list.

Bootstrap 3 and HTML5 Boilerplate Framework
Atom is based on the popular Bootstrap framework with HTML5 Boilerplate functions. Your website will look great on any device.

Feature Request with FREE lifetime updates.
If you need anything added to the theme we offer a FREE feature request. We will add anything to the theme and update the version with free lifetime updates.

SEO Ready with proper Schema markup
We know S.E.O is a very important aspect of any website so we spent serious time with optimising our code using latest HTML 5 standards. We also incorporated Schema for every single element that requires it. You can read more about Schema here. Oh, and Atom works flawlessly with the popular Yoast SEO plugin.

Multi-language & WPML ready
Atom can be translated in to any language you need. This was planned from the inception of Atom so everything was considered. The WPML plugin works a charm.

Custom WooCommerce Integration
You can use Atom to create amazing online stores. We completely customised the WooCommerce experience. There is even an options page for just WooCommerce.

Demo content install
Each demo will contain a one click import file which will contain all settings, content and layouts. Now you can start from something that is already built.

Child Theme
Atom comes with a child theme for the more experienced developers that would like to customise the code without losing it when we update the theme with more awesome features.

Well Structured Clean Commented Code
All our code is very well structured and everything is well commented. Every line of code has a feature. No messy, unnecessary code will be found in Atom.

Custom Class.
We added the option to add a custom class to any element for web designers with basic experience of CSS. Now you can even customise it further with inline style options. Awesome innit..

No More Plugins

We covered everything that you will ever need to build any type of website. From basic buttons to super advanced image sliders, countdowns, tabs, toggles with so much more are built into the theme, which means you won’t require any additional plugins at all. We listed below all the elements available in Atom

Included Elements

The theme comes packed with super stylish elements, completely customisable to your exact needs. We really thought of everything that needs to be editable to make your crafting experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. Each element has its own options panel with built in support, color picker and explanation of how to use and customise it. Yes we know… It’s amazing. These are some of the elements available. Just Click & Create

  • Click and Create Responsive Columns
  • Tons of Buttons Styles With Unlimited Options
  • 800+ Vector Fill Icons
  • Custom Icon Lists
  • Various Notice Boxes
  • Custom Styled Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Recent Posts Column
  • Custom Divider
  • Recent Posts List
  • 360+ Vector Line Icons
  • Pricing Tables
  • Call-to-Action Section
  • Custom Font
  • Contact Info
  • Animated Element
  • Toggle Content
  • Lightbox Image
  • Employee Slider
  • Text Divider
  • Image Slider
  • Vector Icon
  • Styled Popover
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Showcase Slider
  • Parallax Section
  • Full-Width Color Section
  • Shadow Divider
  • Go to-Top Divider
  • Showcase Element
  • Tabbed Content
  • Social Network Icon / Link
  • Accordion Content
  • Animated Progress
  • Animated Number Count
  • Countdown / Count To
  • Styled Tooltip
  • Modal Popup
  • Padding Space
  • Vector Line Icon
  • Icon Box
  • Content Box
  • Image Hover Box
  • Event Box
  • Business Hours
  • Shadow Box
  • Code Block
  • Various Labels
  • Custom Icon List
  • Button Box
  • Various Dropcap Styles
  • Text Highlight
  • Atom Slider
  • Attention Seeker Button


Atom Theme support comes in 3 different flavors. The theme has built in support for each and every option that you can change.

Atom Theme support comes in 3 different flavors. The theme has built in support for each and every option that you can change. We also supply in depth, step-by-step documentation on how to create everything that you can create with Atom. From basic image sliders to advanced, parallax, 3D sliders to clients, testimonials, pricing tables,  employees, buttons, countdowns and much more… Everything is very well documented and we also offer dedicated support through email and our ticketing system. So you are in good hands when it comes to support.

Lifetime updates

Enjoy a lifetime of Atom theme updates with new page designs, demos, features and improvements, all for free.


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